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Our Mission

As a ministry of St. Catherine of Siena Parish, the mission of
the St. Catherine of Siena CYO program is to enrich the lives
of our children by providing athletic development and competition
in a safe, sportsmanlike, Christian environment.

We seek to enhance the self-confidence, self-discipline, and perseverance
 of our children, while developing their athletic skills, and spiritual growth.

Player Eligibility (from CYO Bylaws, Article VI): The following are the Oakland Diocese CYO Athletic Program standards of eligibility for all sports.

Parish Boundaries: All children (Catholic or non-Catholic) residing within the parish boundaries, as established by the Bishop of Oakland.  Click link to verify:

Catholic School: All children (Catholic or non-Catholic) who attend the parish parochial school.

Religious Education: All children (Catholic or non-Catholic) who do not live within the parish boundaries but are currently regularly attending the parish religious education classes and have done so the entire previous school year (or attend that parish Catholic school the previous year and currently attending the parish religious education classes.

 St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Youth Organization Bylaws

 Oakland Diocese Catholic Youth Organization Code of Conduct

We are currently recruiting individuals to serve on the St. Catherine's CYO Board of Directors. Board members serve a 3 year term, each member performing duties that are essential to the success of our programs and our organization.

If you are interested in serving on the St. Catherine of Siena CYO Board of Directors, please send an inquiry by email to

All volunteers participating in CYO programs are required to complete an online training course thru VIRTUS.
A certificate of completion will be required in order to volunteer.

To register and complete certificate VIRTUS ONLINE      


                     To visit the Diocese of Oakland
                                CYO web page
                                   Click Here

2018-2019 CYO Basketball Registration Still Open! 

Limited available spots for the following teams as of September 2nd:

2/3rd Grade Girls: 4 Spots 
4th Grade Girls: 1 Spot
5th Grade Girls: 5 Spots
6th Grade Girls: 5 Spots 
2nd Grade Boys: 7 Spots
4th Grade Boys: 6 Spots
5th Grade Boys: 6 Spots
6th Grade Boys: 3 Spots
7th Grade Boys: 6 Spots
8th Grade Boys: 7 Spots

Register by clicking below: 


Registration Costs without Uniform: $193 for one player, $296 for two players, $358 for three or more players 

Please note: Uniforms are $56 and must be purchased at the time of registration for NEW Players. Returning 2017-2018 players may use last season's uniform. 

Please see below for eligibility requirements. New players will need to upload proof of residency and date of birth. Documents can be uploaded during registration. 

  St. Catherine of Siena
 Catholic Community
   Church • 606 Mellus St.
   School • 604 Mellus St.
  (925) 228-4140
     Parish Office • 1125 Ferry St. 
      (925) 228-2230   
   Martinez Ca. 94553


Combined with our neighbor-
 ing Parishes of Christ the 
 King and St. Stephens, we
 offer a Track & Field program
  to those who would like to 
 participate in this sport.

2019 Season Sign Ups in
 January 2018

             Christ the King School
                 199 Brandon Rd.
                  Pleasant Hill Ca 

       Meets are held on Saturdays
          from March to early May.

For more information
go to

    Catholic Youth Organization
   St. Catherine of Siena Parish  •  Martinez CA

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